A Morning after Flamenco



When I was little, when away,

I suffered homesickness,

Though my house stank

Of stale (and fresh) cigarette smoke.


This hotel room shares the same smell,

The smell of disappointment,

Of tattered smoking jackets.


Outside, trucks idle,

Doors clang shut, the blue sky stretches

Across Andalucía and Africa.



Like one just awakening.

3 thoughts on “A Morning after Flamenco

  1. Yeah I kicked the habit myself. If I had a dollar for every pack back, I could actually afford college. And transportation. I had a Northerner give me an interview for a concrete finisher while in Summerville. He said, “I think you are capable of a working with me. I just have one issue. I told the guys you had a license and transportation, but you don’t have a car.” They all laughed and he laughed thinking back on his little joke after he saw I thought bit was funny. Then he said “I have had no problems keeping a car or a license since I was 16.” I replied, “Well it’s a right to work state,” to which he replied “Yeah they (SC) should be ashamed at how much they they pay their teachers.” I agreed. But then he spoke in his Connecticut accent and told me “I encountered ppl a without cars (I felt like an A&E subset of society) when I moved down here. Guys living with their mom’s in their thirties and being content. ‘I says’ to the guys he is why the Thomas Ravanel (bridge) took so long. I says my dad’s company in Connecticut would have had it done a yr sooner.” I just laughed to myself while he failed to conjugate a verb while bragging about his dad in his fifties while telling me Northerners don’t live with their parents. The Civil War was fought and won, but the War of Civility still persists. Anybody that has worked down South post Summer Solstice knows why projects don’t get done on time, making them look like they took their time and did it right. Similarly, why is it that every New Yorker let’s you know they are from New York and which burrow they grew up in? We have rivalries from East to West, North to South, Left to Right… It boggles the mind and can all be blamed on Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Kidding. He didn’t pick me up the following Monday. Please excuse the punctuation. I need to brush up on quotations.

  2. According to USA Today scientists have discovered fossilized remains of an ancient sea creature and have named it after former president Barack Obama. The creature, dubbed Obamus coronatus, was a half-inch long, disc- shaped animal that spent its entire life embedded on the ocean floor, and probably without moving.

    How appropriate. Sounds just like Obama’s eight years in office.

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