[Warning: obnoxious third person bio written by you-know-whom]

Wesley Moore (aka Rusty) taught English at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina, for 34 years. Before that, he published occasionally in small literary magazines. A poem and a short story have been anthologized. His novel, Today, Oh Boy! is in production with Austin Macauley and is slated for release in April  of 2023.

Wesley’s first wife, Judy Birdsong, died of T-Cell lymphoma in the 39th year of marriage.  From that union, he has two sons, Harrison and Ned, a daughter-in-law, Taryn, and a grandson, Julian. On 4 August 2018, he married Caroline Tigner Moore, who has a daughter, Brooks. 

Wesley, Caroline, and Brooks  live on Folly Beach, SC, the so-called Edge of America, the best surf break between the Outer Banks and Ft. Lauderdale.  Gershwin wrote the music for Porgy and Bess on the island.  The fish are jumpin’, but there ain’t no cotton, thank God.

Besides blogging, Wesley’s hobbies include hanging out in bars and making fake paintings via Photoshop.  The one below is called Chico Feo in the Morning.  Like Hitchcock, Wesley sometimes sneaks via cameos into the images he creates. Check out the balcony in the background. 

chico feo in the morning 1.0

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hiho lounge with wes paining

Here he is holding up a recent creation.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Wesley,
    I have enjoyed reading your blogs. It gives me a glimpse into the life you shared with Judy. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Leanne. I don’t think I’ve seen you since your wedding. I hope all’s well with you and yours. We’re coping as well as we could hope, I think. Best wishes, Wesley.

  3. Hey Wesley, this is Jenny. We met at Chico Feo a couple months ago. Now I am trying to remember the name of your mother(?) or grandmothers(?) dog from the story you told Beth and I. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t remember the dogs name because I really want to name my canoe after that dog.

    Hope alls well!


    • Hi, Jenny. It’s Saisy. My grandmother’s name was Hazel, and her toddling nieces pronounced it Saisy, so it stuck as a nickname. Cheers!

      • Saisy? Really? I remembered a longer name, like something from a Tennessee Williams play? Thanks for responding!

  4. Haha! I know that was your chihuahuas name 🙂 sorry this is so long winded, but you were telling us about your new dog and how you were reticent about getting it because of a dog from your childhood. The childhood dog is the one whose name is mythically in my mind. Was it Forbidia?

    Thanks for entertaining this thread. Me and Beth are visiting folly this weekend with some buds. Going to Chico Feo this afternoon. Maybe we can just chat about it over a beer 🙂


  5. Perfidia! (I searched your blog for the story) Anyway, maybe we’ll catch you later. If you don’t remember us, I was the girl who asked you what your ‘holy trinity’ of music is.


  6. I am writing in regard to your blog entry “Tolerating Upper Middle Class Northern Transplants”. I was unable to write directly about this entry due to the lack of a comments accessibility. When I stumbled upon this entry, I was expecting a humorous dialog about “Yuppies and retirees” invading the south. My brother has lived in South Carolina since 1972 (he was in VISTA, helping the poor in Plantersville and stayed as a Social Worker in Summerville until retirement.) and I grew up visiting, so I am somewhat familiar with regional differences. I was surprised to see that your commentary seemed to focus on so-called obnoxious ethnics. Primarily, from the names used, Italian Americans. I found this to be disparaging and a broad generalization of one ethnicity. As you are aware, Italian Americans are not the only “loud, uneducated” ethnicity invading your territory. Transplants of all backgrounds are moving south. However, I know your choice to single out Italian Americans is due to this group being one of the last “safe ethnicities” to disparage. Yourself and other members of the media, wouldn’t dream of mocking any other ethnicity or race. As a result of this safety net, myself and others have had to endure insults in the workplace, from friends and even family. I know your entry was suppose to be humorous, but it isn’t funny at the expense of others. Btw, we aren’t all dumb “guidos”. We are doctors, lawyers, educators, bankers, researchers, and other professionals. Even Bruce Springsteen, whom you admired in another entry, is proud of his Italian American mother. Thank you. Ps Next time you think about disparaging any ethnicity, remember who brought the best and most popular foods to this country. Hate ud, but sure love our food! Ciao

  7. 1977 Citadel graduate interested in talking to the author of the Senior Party story. Well written, brings back memories…may be working on a novel and would like to talk to the author about the images, the magazine cover and the image of the warf.

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