The Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone

Guest blogging from my younger son the linguist, an argument for why traveling abroad solo is the way to go.

King of nowhere

img_0672 Lana in Tuscheti, Georgia

Every time I get ready to go on a trip, people inevitably ask me, “Who are you traveling with?” I tell them that I’m going alone. Their foreheads usually wrinkle, and a look of pity settles on their faces. “Oh,” they say.

I always clarify, “I only travel alone; I never let anyone go with me. You meet more people that way.”

Then they usually say something like, “That makes sense,” in a skeptical tone of voice.

I know. I get it. it’s scary to travel by yourself. It can be difficult (though many worthwhile things are). People often make excuses or don’t think they’re brave enough to do it.  Women always tell me, “Well, you’re a guy—it’s easier and safer for you.” And I’m sure they’re right, but I’ve met plenty of travelers carrying two X chromosomes, and none of them got raped OR murdered.

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