The Big-Boned Lady Has Sung

fat lady 1.0

If you believe the pundits – and why should you given that virtually every one of them emphatically assured us that Donald J Trump would never be the Republican nominee? Anyway, if you believe the pundits, they claim that Hillary Clinton’s so-called foreign policy speech Thursday was “a turning point in the campaign.”   If I had the time and patience, I could perhaps construct one of those rapid-fire montages that the Daily Show made famous: [cut to Eugene Robinson: “turning point,” cut to Rachel Maddow: “turning point,” cut to Hendrik Hertzberg, “turning point,”]. A turning point, I assume, in that Clinton has gone from reactive to proactive, has taken control of the news cycle.

People were expecting a boring speech on national security, but instead they got sardonic stand up:

”There’s no risk of people losing their lives if you blow up a golf course deal.”

“Donald Trump says, ‘I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.’ Well, [semi-eye roll] I don’t believe him.”

The speech was well delivered, more conversational, less strident.

Not surprisingly, Clinton didn’t mention her foreign policy legacy during the speech, the vote on the Iraq war, the debacle in Libya, etc. Essentially, she used Trump’s own words to illustrate just how unstable, intemperate, and megalomaniacal he is, something Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were loath to do until it was too late. Obviously, Clinton has nothing to lose by alienating the Republican base, that fraying quilt of evangelists, secessionists, country club members, and unreconstructed Confederates.

It may also be a turning point in that on the Friday before the New Jersey and California primaries none of the pundits were talking about the Democratic horserace.

To politically correctly emend that operatic cliché, “the big-boned lady has sung.”

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, and she might be more of an effective campaigner than we had imagined.

5 thoughts on “The Big-Boned Lady Has Sung

  1. Trump nor Sanders could even exist if it were not for the Democratic Party selling its nomination to a confirmed perjurer with a consistent record of chicanery, extortion, lies, denials, and above the law behavior. Her salvation lies in Obama’s rescue from the prosecution she deserves. If this statement is pro Trump, I deny any support for the man other than the lesser of the two evils offered the electorate in 2016. There will most likely be no indictment from the Justice Department and the stench from that decision will be the pervasive memory of the election of 2016. Perhaps our nation may rely on the ‘allies’ the Clinton Foundation has inspired.

  2. And what a fekkin’ mess we have. But try to remember , no vote, a write -in vote,,or a vote for an idependent is a vote for Trump. No getting away from it.

  3. I don’t even think Jon would’ve thought of something the satirically funny considering his jubilation would’ve been to powerful to control. That’s hysterical, truly. You just thought of a way to make “the arguably most intelligent person on tv” and Pulitzer prize winning Eugene Robinson look like ammeratures. Jon once compared the political process as cars merging lanes to squeeze in a tunnel saying, “”They do it, concession by concession. … There will be days of darkness. And sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the promised land. Sometimes it’s New Jersey.” Yep, Jon was recently compared to a poor man in Shakespeare’s plays with the ability to speak truth to power — not sure who it was… maybe the soothsayer?… idk. However, when I need the powerful to seem real, I turn to your blog 🙂

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