Folly Porchfest 2015

12094748_998291223571915_1033313640994038878_oThe “concert series” Porchfest originated in Ithaca, New York, in 2007 as a means for musicians to share songs with their communities in informal settings.  Not only has the Ithaca Porchfest grown from 20 performers to more than a 100, the concept itself has spread across the country all the way to Folly Beach, SC, the so-called Edge of America, and yesterday (8 November 2015) Folly held its second iteration of what I hope will become an annual event.

Here’s a list of yesterday’s performers and their locations:

122 East Ashley (Home of Chico Feo)
2pm-Jim Crow
3pm-Charlie Stonecypher
4pm-Jess Strickland

204 East Ashley (Home of Omar Colon)
2pm~Riddle & Bartlett
4PM~A Martini with The Olivettes

306 East Arctic Ave (Home of Noelle and Campbell Brown)
2pm~Gaslight Street
3pm~Noelle Brown & The Troublemakers
4pm~Danielle Howle

120 West Arctic (Home of Teresa Parrish and Mat Nelson)
2pm~Sweet T- Teresa Parrish
3pm~Eddy Boston
4pm~Slaton Glover and friends

Danielle Howe (photo by Fleming Moore)

Danielle Howe (photo by Fleming Moore)

Alas, I couldn’t take it all in, but to give you a taste, here’s a six-minute clip featuring my next door neighbor Jim Crow and my youngest brother Fleming.  I wish my battery had lasted long enough to add Charlie Stonecypher, but you know what they say about the plans of mice and men.

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