Lear’s Fool on Zoloft – a Bagatelle


Lear’s Fool on Zoloft – a Bagatelle

And I’ll go to bed at noon.
King Lear 3.6.85

Fetal position is bad for your back,
but so is its opposite the rack.

Lift life with your legs the stoics say
while theists insist you pray.

Avoid extremes, the Buddha teaches
Prufrock avoids all flesh (including ripe peaches) —

unlike silken pajama-clad hedonist Hugh Hefner,
whose rented house is getting on up there.

Trouble here, trouble there,
Trouble, trouble everywhere!

What this adds up to I really don’t know.
So rage, wind! Crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!

[cue Doris Day] – scratches – Que sera sera . . .

wes the fool

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