Natural Selection at Work

Unlike Chris Christie, whose staff immediately began backpedaling when he declared Monday that parents need “a measure of choice” in the question of whether or not vaccinate their children, Duke University trained physician Ron Paul called it like he heard it:

These two polio victims clearly don't suffer from Autism

These two extroverted polio victims clearly don’t suffer from Autism

“I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines.”

He’s probably also heard that evolution is a myth, that earth temperatures aren’t trending upward, and that Davie Crockett “killed him a bear when he was only three.”

Yet Paul comes off almost squishy compared to Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy who jumped into the fray like a foamy-mouthed unvaccinated Rottweiler.

“I want [whether or not to vaccinate my children] to be my choice as a parent,” he said, adding, ” “I know my kids best. I know what morals and values are right for my children. I think we should not have an oppressive state telling us what to do.”

That’s right. I don’t want no damn government telling me that I can’t have my first grader walk 40 blocks to school by himself or that I can’t leave my dog in my car in the parking lot of my megachurch* on a sweltering Sabbath or that I can’t hold my two-year old daughter in my lap while I weave in and out of traffic on my moped.

*USA Today reports that  “like-minded parents who refuse vaccines have clustered in the same communities.
“In August, for example, a visitor who had traveled abroad infected 15 people [with measles] at a Texas megachurch. One of those infected was a 4-month-old baby, too young to have received a first measles shot.”
Counterintuitively, Marin County California is also a likely place to cop a case (see below).

Of course, what prompted this debate is the recent outbreak of measles, a disease that, according to consumer, had been essentially eradicated from the US by 2000.  In fact, there have been more reported cases of measles in January of 2015 (84) as there were in all of 2013 (55).

A debunked study linking vaccinations to autism has influenced  more and more parents not to inocculate their offspring, which I’m sorry to say, has delighted some on the far far left who are hoping that the resurgence of diseases like smallpox, polio, and whooping cough could kick natural selection in high gear and decimate the populations of red states, which in a decade or so could profoundly alter the electoral landscape in the liberals’ favor.

Natural selection at work.

What they don’t understand, though, is that a certain species of liberal also refuses to vaccinate her children, she the flipside of the yahoo coin.   For example, Pediatrics Publications reports in a 2000-2011 study of California immunization rates that liberal Marin County California had an “underimmunization” rate of 17.9% whereas Santa Clara County had an underimmunization rate of only 9,2%. Also, unbelievably, “[e]ach percentage point increase in the percent of persons with graduate degrees increased the odds of underimmunization by 2.63.”

Interestingly, higher percentages of Asians and Hispanics are fully immunized .

Nevertheless, the Democrats are jumping all over Christie, Paul, and the like with Hillary and Obama both declaring they believe in science and that vaccinations work. I guess they figure the vegan environmentalist will vote for them anyway.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????But, hey, speaking of dogs, did you know there’s such a thing as dog autism? If you’re too lazy TO GOOGLE IT, just check out the accompanying photo.

My late rescue dog Saisy was, as they say, on the spectrum. She avoided eye contact, wouldn’t chase a ball, and snapped at you if you petted her too long.

Could it be that the disorder was a result of her distemper shot or rabies vaccination?

Or could it be that she had been starved, beaten, and tethered to a two-foot chain by her previous owners?

Wonder if they got their children vaccinated?

3 thoughts on “Natural Selection at Work

  1. interesting concept, those calling themselves liberals eliminating themselves. but if obama and hillary say “they believe in science and that vaccinations work” wont all the good little liberals get in line and get their shots?

    “a debunked study linking vaccinations to autism”- just one study? that’s all it takes to debunk an issue this serious?

    ongoing research is building a solid case to support claims of debilitating maladies coming from vaccination…you should check some out:

    but hey, why question the status quo? just get in line and get your shot riddled with mercury, aluminum, and antifreeze. if obama and hillary say its ok it must be….

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