Radio Noir

Toshiba Digital Camera


Click grey arrow above for sound.


Airboat, bayou,

black cat, voodoo

Sam Spade, razor blade,

rattlessnake, bad synapse,

prison break, loan lapse,

nylon rope, smoking






crack  . . .


. . . static . . .


Hitchhike, tattoo,

peg leg, hoodoo,

tat rat, concrete block,

trunk bang, thump-thump-thump,

shitcan, arm stump,

nylon rope, prison punk.






crack  . . .



. . . static . . .


Knock knock.

Who dat?




hoo-hoo    hoo-hoo


Crash door, on the floor,

rasp frisk, arm twist

pistol whip, deep shit . . .






crack  . . .


. . . static . . .







2 thoughts on “Radio Noir

    • Thanks, Miss Alister, though nothing in it is as good as your “He could see the damaged gears clunking in her head and he felt her disease spinning off them like mud.”

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