The Podiatrist of Avon Quote Challenge



The Podiatrist of Stratford

The Podiatrist of Stratford

Okay, literary scholars, let’s see first if you can identify the play from which these misquotations appear and then rewrite them correctly:


A chiropractor, a chiropractor, my real estate for a chiropractor!


Alas, poor Sheldon. I knew him, Lenny. His stand-up slayed.


Because you’re such a goody-goody, does that mean they’ll be no more cannabis and cocktails? (A piece of cake!)


I ain’t used to getting bitch slapped. (Very obscure)


It is a plot narrated by a mentally challenged person, full of blaring leaf blowers and road rage, adding up to jack shit.


Reciting inaudible paeans to a godless, barren universe. (Fairly obscure)


What’s in a brand? Chanel No. 5 by any other brand name, would still be aromatically effective.


The bad shit you do sticks post-mortem, the good disappears in the crematorium.