Cool Rocking Daddy Missing Libido Blues



[I] had pretty plumage once.

                                                WB Yeats “Among School Children”


A good while back, my libido stole one of my bags,

packed his Hawaiian shirts and leisure suits,

hitched a ride downtown to Calhoun Street

and hopped a Trailways bus to Mexico.


Can’t really say I miss him all that much,

that Wicked Wilson Pickett shtick:


Uh, you know I feel alright!
Ha, Feel pretty good y’all


All that preening Mick Jagger wannabe shit.


No, as my dead old lecher

Daddy Yeats once wrote,


Better to smile on all that smile, and show 

There is a comfortable kind of old scarecrow.


Still, it’d be nice to get a postcard, every now and then,

from some bordello somewhere south of the border.



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