Trump and Hitchcock’s Birds


I fear that the sheer overabundance of disinformation/information that Trump generates overwhelms the capacity of the media to focus and fixate.  With Hillary, we had the relatively stable narrative of her untrustworthiness, and her private email server coupled with questions about the foundation provided her enemies and the press witha slow-moving target — if not a sitting target — like a hippo sunning on the banks of a muddy river. No matter that compared to Trump’s malfeasance, the emails – literally misfeasance – seemed like a bigger deal because we heard about them constantly. To switch metaphors, each day brought a new e-mail story, and the stories were stacked like blocks throughout the months until they formed a sort of Potemkin monument of mal – as opposed to – misfeasance.

Trump’s issues, on the other hand, remind me of the avian swarms we find in Hitchcock’s The Birds.  They are legion:  Trump University, Trump’s Foundation, stiffing contractors, pussy grabbing, bankruptcies, phantom tax returns, international intrigue, colossal debt, criminal associations, overt cruelty, the deluge of demonstrable false statements.

A flock of these issues comes at us fast furious squawking in a terrible cacophony, then dart away, before another, different swarm descends.  Meanwhile, via Twitter, Trump spews provocative or petty phrases that further distract those whose job it is to place things in perspective and then render them clearly visible.

For example:


3 thoughts on “Trump and Hitchcock’s Birds

  1. It’s hard for me to express how happy I am to be leaving this country for a long while. The misinformation/disinformation age has fostered the creation of a detestable monster that may be uncontrollable.

    The incessant whining by liberal losers has become scatological. The alt-right fanaticism is just as shitty. The discussion (sic) on race is polarizing. The media in this country no longer report news- it’s nothing more than a constant barrage of sensationalized opinion, and as it’s been said, (cliche alert) opinions are like assholes. There are tons of assholes out there spewing opinions about which they’re not even remotely qualified to opine. They can just shove those opinions right back up there. Mais bien sûr that’s just my opinion.

    Reverend, I respectfully urge you to return to your anthropological foray roots and be done with the panderingly political prose. If it’ll help, we’ve secured two houses on Mallorca for the time being, and you and the lovely Miss Birdsong are welcome to join us.

    Here’s to peace and love from the One above. Hope springs eternal, and kindly excuse me for that opinion!

    Bueno Suerte!

    • Mr. Langston, I’d love to take you up on your kind offer and would if I were retired. Judy’s cancer, though, has returned, so we have our hands full combating lymphoma. Miss you, brother.

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