Thank you, Obama

Remember the halcyon days before 9/11 when you could pack liquids in your carry-on bags and saunter shod right up to the metal detector without feeling terrified that you were going to set the damn thing off and be subjected to a strip search?

I’m talking about those by-gone days when passing through airport security was as informal and quaint as the tip of a cap.

Guess what, my friend. Those days are over.

Thank you, Obama!


What do Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Karl Malden, Robert McNamara, Walter Cronkite, Les Paul, William Safire, David Carradine, and Gidget have in common?

They all died in the summer of 2009, the so-called Summer of Death. Wikipedia posits that “the sheer number of celebrity deaths, coupled with increasing nostalgia in the population of Western Nations, may have increased the outpouring of grief during the summer.”

What Wikipedia conveniently forgets to mention is that the Summer of Death was the first summer of the Barack Hussein Obama administration!

Thank you, Obama!

How often do passenger flights end up disappearing without a trace? Can you name one? By the way, Amelia Earhart doesn’t count because her ill-fated journey wasn’t a passenger flight but an experimental attempt to circumnavigate the globe.

Flight 739

Flight 739

Okay, there are two. The first one was the Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 that had been chartered by the US government in 1962 to transport soldiers to Viet Nam. After refueling in Guam, the plane took off, made routine radio contact, and was never heard of again. The second, of course, is Malaysian Airlines flight 370. What do the years 1962 and 2014 have in common? Democratic administrations, that’s what.

Thank you, Obama!

Ever seen those heartbreaking before-and-after photos of Lincoln at the beginning and the end of his presidency? If you think he aged during those 49 months dig these photos of me, one taken before Obama’s Presidency, the other taken during his presidency.  Can you guess which is which?

rusty prom wes with tux









Thanks a lot, Obama! (and Harrison Moore for the idea)

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