Hieronymus Bosch Deals with Cancer


Hieronymus Bosch - Triptych of Garden of Earthly Delights _detail 13_










Which cell first rebelled,

fueled the insurrection

taking over the town?

Bosch-born monsters breed,

ruttish rumpfed bladders on legs

scurrying across the canvas,

an obscene carnival, clots of chaos everywhere.

Dey run amok fuck-up go cruzy clump

disrupt – sisrupt – pile-up

piles of corpses

mangled tangled

elbows, torsos,

heads, mouths

frozen open, rictus,

Dachau, Austerlitz

anus world, a world of shit.

* * *

But here comes the chemo,

scouring, healing poison –

not no cavalry, not no Marines,

but bleach, lye,

molten lava pumping,

spreading o’er the obscene canvas

obliterating blight,

like hell fire, consuming those

misbegotten cankered creatures,

restoring order, an earlier order,

purging, drowning,



creating rich soil

for fresh garden growth

a world of . . .

2 thoughts on “Hieronymus Bosch Deals with Cancer

    • Thanks, humphreyking. Unfortunately, my wife has t-cell lymphoma and is undergoing chemo, so I’ve been thinking a lot about cancer’s weird rebellion with the status quo. Thanks for reading and responding.

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