Too Much to Ask?

Of all the causes which conspire to blind.
Man’s erring judgement, and misguide the mind,
What the weak head with strongest bias rules,
Is PRIDE, the never-failing vice of fools.”

Alexander Pope, “An Essay on Criticism”

Is it really, really such an odious task
during a pandemic to put on a mask?

In the Trump White House, no mask is the rule,
Targeting the base, those Kool-Aid mainlining fools.

Masks remind voters of the invisible dread
That’s left more than 200,000 Americans dead.

What dat? Sistah Karma done come a-calling unexpected?
Kayleigh and Kellyanne done been infected?

Along with Thom Tillis, Hope Hicks, Mike Lee,
not to mention Donald J Trump and the First Lady?

Do Lawd! White House itself got more cases than New Zealand,
a country of just under five million people?

So is it really, really too much to ask
in a goddamn pandemic to put on a goddamn mask?