Free to a Bad Home: Unclaimed Killer Punk Rock Band Names


Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys

I guess the first punk rock band name that caught my eye was “Dead Kennedys, “ who, by the way, rank as number 6 on’s “100 Greatest Punk Rock Artists” pantheon.

It seems as if choosing a relatively inoffensive name would be a real sellout for a punk band, and what could be the motivation except for some kind of profit motive?

Not to piss on “The Misfits” (#9) or “The Adolescents (#29) or “Streetlight Manifesto (#84), but those are some pretty lame-ass names as opposed to “The Vibrators” (#74) or “Chocking Victim (#67).

Then again, those are not nearly as cool in my humble opinion as these 3 head-snapping double-take inducing names for a punk band who ain’t afraid of clucking tongues.

I offer these un-copyrighted, free of charge.

Idiosyncratic Caucuses

Trans-Vaginal Mesh Settlements

Body Fluid Cleanup Kit

You’re welcome, Johnny Graverobber.

The Trans Vaginal Mesh Settlements

The Trans Vaginal Mesh Settlements