Misbehavior and Punishment

Detail from Viktor Semenovich Vilner - Embankment, Scenes from Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’, 1971

Detail from Viktor Semenovich Vilner – Embankment, Scenes from Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’, 1971



Sniggering little schoolboy, keep that up,

and I’m sending you

to detention

in Raskolnikov’s room.


Is that what you want?


Exile in






A tiny cupboard of a room

about six steps in length.


Toxic urine-colored

paper peeling off its walls.


So low-pitched, the ceiling will

transform you into a hunchback.


One rickety chair.


A slack-springed

sofa for your bed,

chintz gone to rag,

a ratty overcoat for covers,

a balled-up terry cloth bathrobe

for your pillow.


Worse, a tattered copy of

Atlas Shrugged

on the bedside table

to be annotated.


Sniggering little schoolboy,

Is that want you want?


If not, cut it out.


Right now.


Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Misbehavior and Punishment

      • You know you are more than welcome and believe me, you owe me no thanks. If anything I owe you a thank you for making my whole family (especially my mom and me) laugh so hard when we least expect it. I didn’t think you could top the story about the car flying through the living room, or the propeller chopping off a cigarette but you somehow seem to on your blog. You, Wesley, are by far the most creative person I’ve ever met.

        I went through a phase where creativity was all that mattered to me perhaps because I did well in a creative writing class (if the left (creative side of my brain) remembers correctly :)) I often dreamt of becoming a writer while working at CSI [Consolidated Systems Incorporated(not Crime Scene Investigators)].

        There was that goal as well as Computer Programming, but since Fight Club (which had one of two of my favorite actors of all time, Ed Norton) was written by someone who wasn’t even involved in the Hollywood scene, I sort of drifted away from the writer goal and wanted to start writing computer code instead. Other than Virtuosity, it was the only movie smart people and SINO’s (Smart in Name Only) people I hung out with where little ol’ me had to explain the story to them as opposed to the other way around.

        There are many parallels with those two films when you think about it. The idea of tricking the dream world in order to kill off the villain in the real world, the crazy back and forth timeline that made Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” look as accurate as the atomic clocks to which our phones are set, and the fact they prove #Oscars_So_White is real since my 2 favorite actors only have 3 Oscars between them.

        To the Academy’s defense, American History X was unbelievably realistic but the gross part about it was it inspired many fights between Neo Nazis and Black kids in my hometown during High School, as did Glory in 7th grade. They completely took it out of context… like the resolution part of the movie had no meaning. They took all of the effort Norton put into being bad and just created their own Tyler Durden from Fight Club out of him, another movie in which Norton rocked.

        I was taught about the Confederacy completely wrong by my middle school teacher about The Civil War and I knew it. “Glory” backed my up my suspicions and taught me how to lie to make a good grade on paper — the key to surviving the most Southern State in the Union.

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