You Do Hoo Doo 2021 Review

Here are my favorite HooDoo blog posts of 2021.


The year certainly started off with a bang with the January 6th Insurrection, and, of course, I found it impossible to keep my mouth shut.

It Ain’t Orwellian, You Patronizing, Hubris-Bloated Blathersnipe

White Power Plagiarist

Here’s a bit of doggerel aimed at the participants of the insurgence.

Loose Cadences for Loose Cannons


Some of my most popular posts deal with growing up in Summerville. Here’s one on the infamous Clay Pits where I first dropped acid on my 18th birthday.

Killing Off Innocence

And some ruminations on dogs, who in my youth ran free.

If Dogs Run Free

The late, great Jack Moore


One of the cool things about blogging is that you can pretend to be whatever you want to be and write what ever you want to write. Here’s a bit of art criticism on a piece my my friend Douglas Ballentine.

Her Myriad and Sunken Face


I also write a lot about music, complete with audio clips. Do you know how to pony?

Garage Band Modernism

An homage to the great Bo Diddley.

Homage to Bo


Sometimes I don a pith helmet to do anthropological work in the wilds of Folly Beach.

An Anthropological Adventure Highlighting Pandemic Folly Beach Behaviors

Speaking of weird South Carolina shit, dig this:

The Latest News from South Carolina Features Firing Squads


I invite you to sing along with my parody of “A Few of My Favorite Things.”

A Few of My Least Favorite Things

Here’s a short video of my talented friend, the singer/songwriter Danielle Howle.

Jazzy Danielle


In July karma came a-calling to smite my arrogant ass.

Sickroom Notes from a Whiny, Wounded Epicurean

I also do travelogues. Here are some highlights to Caroline and my pilgrimage to Blind Willie McTell’s grave.

Back Roads in the Age of the Internet


I bid adieu to The Outer Banks.

And acquired another moniker, Grandpa Rusty


At a high school football game, I ended up appearing in a video of a famous person I’d never heard of.

Bryce Somebody


Hop aboard Nick Daily’s VW microbus.

Praise Be

After catching a Jasper Johns retrospective at the Whitney, I reminisced about my pal, his half sister Owen Lee.

Jasper Johns, Owen Lee, and I-and-I.


Copped some great seats for the Stones show in Atlanta.

Roll On, Roll On


More ruminations on pets.

Bow Bow . . .

I sincerely appreciate your reading and commenting. Here’s hoping for a calm, uneventful 2022.

5 thoughts on “You Do Hoo Doo 2021 Review

  1. October was best one 🙂
    Something abt this is so funny to me, but I can’t really describe it. I guess it’s the seriousness of the boy, maybe. He’s looking through the camera — sort of like a female model.
    And then there’s you crashing through, making light of his celebrity … photo bombing his little moment. Sorry — it’s just the hysteria of the moment.

  2. You know you’re welcome, Wesley. If you’re gonna be loyal, you might as well find a person worthy, you know. I’ve really benefitted from sticking with it and I owe any strides I’ve made forward in writing to these comical little blogs. Like any good magician, you give parts of your act away. Although this raises the bar for you, it also develops the reader’s skill level, too, so it all works out for the best. Happy New Years, buddy, and thanks for writing.

  3. I’m behind on my correspondence, as usual, but wanted to pop in here and thank you for the steady stream of content that this blog provides. From the glimpses of rebellious youth in the 60s, to the cynical commentary on modern life, there’s always something that relates to my interests in writing, music, visual art (Douglas Balentine’s paintings, wow!), culture, and subculture. It’s always a treat to find the latest posts in my inbox, and come for a visit. As a northern transplant to the Carolinas, I can’t help but feel some culpability in this gentrification, but at least now I know that the hip place to go for a beer in Folly is an easy walk from my AirBnB! 😉

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